IP on new drug delivery system in progress...

Ophtalmic compositions containing a nitric oxide releasing prostamide

Pilotaz F., Weiner A.L., Do M., Saldo J.

Carrier in oil-in-water emulsion form, particularly for cosmetic or dermatological use

Boix M., Do M., Sarrazin C.

Vehicle in the form of a oil-in-water emulsion in particular for ophthalmic or dermocosmetic use

Boix M., Do M., Sarrazin C.

Forming biocidal support surface, useful as preservative e.g. for cosmetic, comprises fixing polymer layer and polymerization initiator on activated support surface, forming another polymer layer and optionally fixing biocidal agent

Géribaldi S., Guittard F., Guittard E., Soufi A., Sarrazin C., Do M., Boix M., Foucher L., Labbe J.

Dendrimer-drug conjugates

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Method of sterilization by irradiation of polymeric materials suitable for therapeutical purposes

Michèle Boix, Christian Sarrazin, Patrick M. Hughes, Marina Do, Isabelle Maroteaux

Intraocular drug delivery systems containing a therapeutic component, a cyclodextrin, and a polymeric component

Patrick M. hughes, Michèle Boix, Laurent Delayahe

Retinoid-containing sustained release intraocular drug delivery systems and related methods

Patrick M. Hughes, Orest Olejnik, Glenn T. Huang, Joan-En Chang-Lin, Thierry Nivaggioli, Jane Gui Shiah, Michèle Boix, Christian Sarrazin

Therapeutic ophthalmic compositions containing retinal friendly excipients and related methods

Patrick M. Hughes, Laurent Delahaye, Michèle Boix, James N. Chang, Robert T. Lyons

Method for producing preparation of biodegradable microspheres

Patrick M. Hughes, Christian Sarrazin, Elisabeth Rossi, Michèle Boix

Oil-in-oil emulsified polymeric implants containing a hypotensive lipid and related methods

Patrick M. Hughes, Michèle Boix, Christian Sarrazin, Marina Do

Study of Xailin Night physical properties versus marketed ocular lubricant products

Pilotaz F., Saldo J., Boix M., Octobre 2015, Ever (poster communication); Nice (France)

Study of Xailin HA physical properties versus marketed ocular lubricant products

Pilotaz F., Pecout A., Do M., Octobre 2015, Ever (poster communication), Nice (France)

Formulation en ophtalmologie

Boix M., Septembre 2012, 2ème Rencontre Eurobiomed-Ophtabiotech, Montpellier (France)

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